Chris Coyier: A Modern Web Designer’s Workflow…

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More and more is expected from today’s web designers. Visual design is just one small part of the job. Those designs also need interaction. They need to work …


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Web Design And Development – Web Designs That Ought To Be Retired By Marketers…

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Website owners should be aware of bad web designers. You could fall a prey to it! For any website, a web design plays a very imperative role in every aspect. Your web design can simply make or break you. The design forms an opinion in the mind of the viewer about your website so if it’s not appealing enough, no one will take interest in your business. Your designs need to aid your audience in such a manner that they stay put on your site. Avoid the following designs that can turn your website and business into a total failure.

  • Snarky Pop-ups

There are certain websites that have a pop-up option for subscription or other deals you might be offering. Though this is not a bad practice but if your audience gets distracted by it, you’re done for. As long as the user experience of the viewer remains intact, you’re all good to go. If not, all your marketing efforts will simply go down the drain. Those pop-ups that appear on the website after a certain amount of time and are fairly easy to get rid of are completely okay but then there are some that can go mean, and trust me, if they do, you’re in for a problematic ride.

  • Sliders

Surprised? You must be wondering ‘how the heck did sliders make it to such a list?’ If the truth being told, sliders are not working in your website’s favor in any way. In fact, the slides are simply working against you. You are a marketing company, and the first thing you want to tell your viewers is how you can ease down their worries and pains, not distract them from all this. The multiple images being showed on the sliders can distract your viewers and sometimes, they can get annoyed and look for another website.

Your main target should be giving your audience what they need, and what do they need; they need you to give them the information they’re looking for and the reason why they landed on your website in the first place. No matter the sliders show relevant messages, it can be distracting at times and users may not irritated. Moreover, sliders tend to slow your website down a bit, especially when it comes to loading your website on the mobile. We all know that today, a huge number of people use their mobile gadgets rather than their laptops or desktop systems. Therefore, it is quite crucial that you keep this factor in mind to make things easy for your audience.

  • Videos That Auto-play

Retreat!! You are being ambushed by auto-play videos and sounds. Like seriously, what were you thinking!! No one likes it when they are ambuscade with sounds and video noise. You didn’t set up this webpage just so you could drive away all those who landed on your website without them even looking at it once. The ultimate goal was to attract viewers. In many cases, as it is seen, in an attempt to get away from the entire racket, the viewers just quit viewing your website and opt for another one. What, are you trying to give your competition an easy catch? If you let your viewers decide if they want to watch a video or not, it will only increase the user experience of your website.

  • Skeuomorphism

The way this trend was going, it seemed it had no end to it. But finally the trend has dulled out. This design that makes images look real and lifelike has been used way too much and it needs to take a break now.

Remember, the website you create is more for your viewers as much as it is for your business. So whenever you choose a design, keep the viewer.

Source by Rauf Ahmmad

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My Professional Website Design HTML & CSS Part 1…

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So guys… this is the first video part of coding my website. I hope you enjoy! Want a Website? My Wesite: My Forum …


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Professional SEO Services: An Expert Ensures All Guidelines Are Followed…

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Professional service providers can be found in almost every marketing niche. In its inception, online marketing used straightforward practices during the initial start of search engine optimization, or SEO. Today, companies are finding they have to employ expert services due to the immense guidelines set by search engine providers.

Spamming has become so common that many service providers have developed rules to reduce the unethical efforts used to bypass natural ranking progression. Initially, a company could include a keyword in the main title and a Meta tag a few times in the content to receive a sufficient ranking among main search engines. The details have become far more intricate these days, making it near impossible for a business to achieve desired results without the assistance of professional SEO services.

SEO Strategy: Good Practices Accomplish Better Results

Beginning SEO strategy practices caused “keyword stuffing” to occur. This technique is accomplished by using the same keyword repeatedly throughout tags and the content, and is now shunned by major search engines like Google. While this technique slipped through for a while, search engines eventually caught on. In response, these service providers began using incoming link counts as another factor for ranking.

Google’s ranking algorithm also came into play around the same time. According to their algorithm, every page link is a vote that provides additional authority to the page. Buying or swapping of links became another form of spam. Focus changed again to the relevancy between the link and the site it led to. Subjects must be related to be considered legitimate by search engines.

SEO requirements are constantly changing as people find new ways to spam their way to top rankings. Google and other engines attempt to prevent ranking increases from bad practices. They even supply tools to assist with the process. Professionals must stay current on the latest requirements so they can provide the best services to their clients.

Penalties can result from shady SEO strategies. Since ninety percent of traffic comes from search engine use, these practices are a driving marketing force for most businesses. A business will benefit more when this service is done in a reputable manner. Various tools or techniques, such as article submissions, web site optimization, and blog postings, may be used by professional SEO services.

A business gets listed before others when the results page appears by increasing page rankings. The listing order is based on keyword relevancy and can only be enhanced through acceptable SEO practices. Google and other providers supply specific guidelines that must be followed to achieve higher ranks. These resources assist in creating natural ranking increases through ethical methods.

A reputable SEO strategy involves implementing quality site content, using proper titles like valid Meta tags, keyword research, and quality links. Professional SEO companies can ensure all guidelines are met while supplying effective site optimization. Not following search engine rules can get a website labeled as spam. A business site may be removed from the listing altogether if unethical practices are being used. It is best to find a dependable expert who can provide the techniques and service needed to achieve results properly.

Source by Carlotta Jones

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Private Equity Advisor ? The Greatest Consultant

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Private Equity Advisor ? The Greatest Consultant

Private Equity Advisor ? The Greatest Consultant

One doesn’t know everything, especially when it comes to dealing with mind-boggling matters such as business and investment risks. However, the good news is, there’s no need to know everything. You just need to go to the right, experienced people for consultation, guidance and wisdom.

A private equity advisor may be an expert individual or a financial institution composed of senior investment professionals who can develop customized programs that address the needs of management committees, equity firms and corporate teams. Some of their services include the following areas:

Deal Management

Handling deals is very critical since it determines the existence of the company. If you’re not equipped with the right capabilities to manage it, a private equity advisor can assist you. He/she and the other consultants have adequate knowledge in looking for revenue-producing opportunities to sustain business operations. They can give effective information on where deals can be sourced out, how it can be structured, planned and schemed.

Due Diligence

Another aspect where an advisor can be of help is on the examination of financial transactions. His/her analytical skills can enlighten if you should push through an investment or back off from it because of its accompanying risks. Along with the team members, he/she may conduct painstaking research, thorough investigation and customer interviews for more reliable, practical and factual recommendations. He/She may consult industry experts within his/her wide network as well.

Portfolio Value Creation

Advisors can help the company create its own program based on its potentials. This includes identification and discussion of long-term plans, top priorities, specific objectives and monitoring strategies. It will serve as the guide of the company’s daily operations and acquisition of general goals. They can also facilitate forums, seminars and workshops to help the management enhance the company’s portfolio.

Exit Plans

An investor can also help in coming up with an exit strategy. The transition from one’s ownership to another must be carefully planned to recover the invested capital. Whether it’s a trade sale or management or employee buyout, all areas must be evaluated to be able to come up with right decisions. Each growth opportunity should be identified and presented to the investors. Necessary legal papers must be prepared for documentation. If you’re planning to consult a private equity advisor, make sure that he/she acquires the necessary competencies that can help your business. Check his/her knowledge, experience and network. He/She must belong to a respectable consultation firm that has already dealt with various clients.

The author shares some insight on how a private equity advisor can be of assistance.

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